Jun 2024

Jason Denney, aka @tacodust has built his fair share of offroad vehicles – from rock crawlers, a long traveled Tacoma outfitted to an Overlander’s dream (before the word “Prelander” existed), big body rigs like his Prospector XL, and many more – and he took all he learned from his previous builds to do one thing: Build the most all-around capable rig he could, and this Raptor was born

While showcasing the ups and downs of the build with his audience on social media, Jason turned a low mileage stock one owner truck into possibly our favorite 2nd Gen Raptor on the planet.

Jason needed a robust yet simple system to power a plethora of Baja Designs lights, and other accessories. With two sPOD BantamX systems linked together, for a combined 16 switches, he has power for everything.

While he can control all 16 switches from his cab with our Touchscreen system, each sPOD has a specific purpose. One system’s main function, like many offroad trucks, is for powering Baja Designs driving lights, including about 60,000 lumens of forward projecting lights, chase lights, and 2 rock lights per wheel well.

While the second system is the backbone of what makes this truck a step above your average Raptor prerunner build. With an HD control panel mounted to the BuiltRight Industries molly panels, Jason is controlling everything that makes this truck perfect for his other hobbies outside hitting whoops. 

Jason still has 2 empty switches for future accessories, but we’ll go through each switch filled switch to show you the unique way he uses his second system

Switch 1 – 4 Baja Designs rock lights used as cargo lights mounted in his Smart Cap

Switch 2 – 2 Baja Designs S1s mounted to the rear door of the Smart Cap for area lighting 

Switch 3 – in-bed power to charge e-bikes

Switch 4 – Dometic fridge

Switch 5 – Dual air compressor to air up his 38” Nittos and the tires on his array of Specialized bikes 

Switch 6 –  to a removal 12v backbone harness to power chargers and lights in his roof top tent when the truck is in full camper mode 

Switch 7 – Open

Switch 8 – Open

There’s no doubt that Jason has built his truck to be self sufficient while out on the trails for multiple days. With the help of sPOD to power and manage all of his accessories at his fingertips to make his life easier so he can enjoy the trails on his days out without worrying about his electrical.