At sPOD™, we manufacture industry-leading solutions that inspire off-road and automotive enthusiasts alike to explore the unknown. We stay on the cutting edge through best-in-class performance, craftsmanship, consumer engagement, and providing meaningful solutions.

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sPOD™ provides all the necessary components required for installation-ready solutions to ensure you can connect and go.

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No relays and no fuses: sPOD’s systems have built-in programmable self-healing digital technology that guards the system.


sPOD’s low voltage cutoff (LVCO) automatically disconnects accessories to monitor and protect the battery from over-discharge, ensuring reliable vehicle performance.

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sPOD’s system can be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth using the dedicated Bantam app, providing customers with a convenient and intuitive interface.

sPOD allows you the option to use multiple style controllers. From toggle switches, to switch panels, OEM switches to wireless devices.

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sPOD’s system gives customers full control over their accessories, allowing them to monitor and adjust settings as required by integrating factory wiring to take control a step further.