Feb 2024

Building a UTV to go desert racing requires much more than just bolting a roll cage and safety seats and showing up to the start line of the Baja 1000. It requires attention to detail that includes many safety components and redundancies built in to survive the abuse that comes from the harsh desert. There are many well-equipped UTVs that race off-road, but very few are built to the attention to detail of Andrew Garvey’s Can-Am Maverick X3 built by Alsup Racing Development. Of course, we had a chance to check out the race car while at King of the Hammers and see how sPOD was a crucial component when building this race car.

While it is hard to say there is one component of the UTV, power management is certainly necessary. Powering the Can-Am X3 12V accessories are two sPOD BantamX HD units and one Source LT Mini6 to run up to 22 circuits in total.

The sPOD BantamX solid-state technology system provides a continuous power flow of up to 100 amps and features up to eight circuits in total, rated at 30 amps each. In this system, the power management controls everything from the Baja Designs lighting to important functions such as fuel pumps, radiator fans, and GPS systems.

The BantamX comes equipped with a wide range of programming options available, including output dimming, strobing, flashing, switch linking functions, memory, auto power-up, momentary settings, input, and more that can be controlled through the app as well.

When racing in the desert, redundancy is key; the last thing you need is a part to fail and not have spares, which is why multiple circuits are controlled by multiple fuel pumps.

Switch linking is a great function that comes standard on both the sPOD BantamX and Mini6. if you look closer, you can see a switch labeled “Party Mode,” which makes the siren turn on and have the a-pillar lights flash simultaneously. The switch-linking function can easily be controlled through the app and saved to the switch panel.

Another great use of the custom functions of the sPOD BantamX is the input controls. Each BantamX comes standard with factory inputs, which allow you to integrate your power control module system with your vehicle’s OEM equipment. It will enable you to incorporate things like your fuel pump circuit to turn on when the ignition turns on, making it extremely convenient for a startup sequence.

Alsup Racing development did a phenomenal job building this Can-Am Maverick X3, everything from the design ethos of the low-lying chassis to all the components that make this build so great. This UTV is just one of many ways you can use an sPOD power management system in race cars.