Jun 2021

sPOD, Known for manufacturing premium, intelligent switch modules for vehicles, the sPOD brand will be positioned within the BPAG family, directly below Baja Designs. The acquisition provides the opportunity to better serve the needs of enthusiasts by bundling premium lighting, wiring, and electronic controls from two industry leaders.

As off-road enthusiasts since the ’80s, sPOD founders John and Cinde Angelastro have built sPOD with their fellow enthusiasts in mind and have strived over the last 15 years to make every business decision in the best interest of their consumers. sPOD has been a proud innovator and leading manufacturer of USA-made quality 12/24-volt power distribution and control systems for off-road vehicles, overland vehicles, agricultural equipment, utility vehicles, and commercial equipment.

“sPOD fits perfectly within the Baja Designs product line. The synergy and complementary offerings between sPOD and Baja Designs provide the opportunity to create unique solutions that encourage enthusiasts to explore the unknown.”

-Baja Designs CEO, Trent Kirby.

Who is sPOD?

sPOD is dedicated to creating precision power distribution systems for off-road vehicles, agricultural equipment, utility vehicles, race rigs, 12/24-volt equipment… in short, for anything with a battery. They provide power and control on demand for all your accessory and power distribution needs. Their design philosophy is simple: make the best possible product to withstand the most extreme conditions, with the most reliable and user-friendly systems. Customers can have confidence in knowing they are using equipment made to the highest industry standards. Trail rated and race proven systems invented by enthusiasts for enthusiasts!
To learn more about sPOD, visit: https://www.4x4spod.com/

“We are very excited to see combined technologies grow together to bring the enthusiast even more value and choices for their vehicles. We believe whole-heartedly that our legacy of quality, customer service, and innovations will continue on with the brand.” 

-sPOD Founders, John and Cinde Angelastro.