Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can a SourceSE, Bantam, or BantamX be controlled with the app only, without an sPOD controller?
A No, an sPOD controller must always be used in order for the system to work properly. The app capabilities are meant to be used in conjunction with at least one sPOD controller.
Q Do I still need to use a relay and fuse that came with my accessory?
A No, The sPOD system has solid-state circuit protection for up to 30AMPS per circuit. If the accessory draws more than 30AMPS, then an external relay will be required.
Q Can I run both wires from my accessory (Positive & Ground) directly from the accessory to the sPOD terminal block?
A Yes, as long as the accessory does not exceed a 30AMP draw.
Q Should I chassis ground my accessory or should I run it to the sPOD terminal block?
A We prefer that you run the ground to our terminal block. If this is not feasible, then any chassis ground that is being used must be clean and rust free and coated with a protectant. Most LED lights do not operate very well if the ground is insufficient. By running the ground to our system creates a closed loop going directly to the vehicles battery.
Q Can I use the sPOD to power a winch?
A No.
Q Can I use the sPOD to control a winch?
A We do not recommend it. This requires expertise with wiring and will consume 3 circuits.
Q Do you offer universal systems for other applications?
A Yes, Our systems will work with virtually any 12 volt DC applications.
Q Will the sPOD system operate on 24 volts DC?
A Only the Bantam and BantamX. They have a selectable voltage input that can be switched between 12/24 volts operating voltage.
Q Can I run multiple accessories off a single switch?
A Yes, as long as the accessories do not exceed 30AMPS.
Q Can 2 circuits be joined together to split the load? (if the accessory exceeds 30AMPS)
A Yes, but the circuits would have to be located next to each other and a 1” inch long 10AWG jumper wire is used to jump between the 2 circuits. You will also have to program the switches to be linked together.
Q Can I power and control a twin ARB compressor?
A You can NOT power a twin ARB compressor with our system. The compressor will have to get it’s power directly from the battery as their instructions imply. Yes you can control the compressor (eliminate the supplied switch) by using the single Purple wire that would have normally went to their switch and connect it to any of our outputs to use the sPOD system to control it.
Q Can the switches be programmed for flash, strobe, dimming, momentary?
A Yes, see below:
8 circuit SE Source
- Touchscreen, HD & sPOD Bantam app
- Rocker switches only flash and strobe
8 circuit Bantam/BantamX
- Touchscreen, HD, sPOD Bantam app
- Rocker switches only flash and strobe
Q Can multiple sPOD controllers be used at the same time?
A Yes only on the BantamX. EG: Touchscreen, Rocker Switches, HD controller and Bantam App. The SourceLT can only be controlled by a single switch bank of switches and the Bantam App.
Q Can the SourceLT be controlled by the Touchscreen or the HD controllers?
A No, it can only be controlled by rocker switches and the sPOD Bantam app.
Q Is the sPOD BantamX, SourceLT waterproof?
A No the BantamX & SourceLT are NOT waterproof. They are water resistant. Please install in a high and dry location.
Q Are the Touchscreen, HD and switches waterproof?
A No they are NOT waterproof.
Q What system/controllers come standard with Bluetooth?
A SourceLT, BantamX, HD controller and the Touchscreen
Q If I have 6 circuit Source or an 8 circuit SE Source, can I add Bluetooth remote control?
A Yes, they both have “Plug-N-Play” interfaces available on our web site that add Bluetooth control.
6 circuit Source Bluetooth
8 circuit Se Source Bluetooth
Q If I order the dual lit type of rocker switches, will they work with the custom LASER etched rockers?
A Yes
Q Can I link the BantamX with the legacy SE Source as an add-on?
A Yes, the BantamX is compatible with linking to the SE Source.
Q Will the sPOD systems fit diesel equipped Jeeps?
A Please email us at [email protected] with your vehicle information to verify.
Q What hardware will I need to purchase to install the sPOD?
A The sPOD systems are complete and ready to install.
Q Does the control cable for the Bantam come in different lengths?
A The standard cable length is 10’ feet. We offer cables in:
1’, 3’, 5’, 10’, 15’, 25’ and 30’ lengths
Q Do I have to wire all the switches up myself?
A No. Our systems are "Plug & Play". The switches are pre-wired.
Q Does the system switch the ground side or the positive side?
A All sPOD systems only switch the positive side (High-side).
Q Does the sPOD have a parasitic draw on the battery?
A Yes, how much draw depends on the sPOD system version. 
All data below is based on:
All switches turned off, lower pilot lights turned off, Touchscreen & HD in deep sleep mode, all status lights (Se Source, Bantam, BantamX & SourceLT) off and system in deep sleep mode.
        • 6 circuit Source system 2010-2017 with 2amp LVCO fuse in 28mA-36mA, Zero without 2amp LVCO fuse
        • 6 circuit Source system 2018-present 10mA-14mA
        • 8 circuit SE Source system with Touchscreen or HD controller 2015-present 25mA-33mA Zero once LVCO is activated
        • 8 circuit  SE Source system with rocker switches 2015-present 38mA-48mA (if flash/strobe jumper is attached) Zero once LVCO is activated
        • 8 circuit  Bantam/BantamX system with Touchscreen or HD controller 2018-present 15mA-25mA Zero once LVCO is activated
        • 8 circuit  Bantam/BantamX system with rocker switches 2018-present 30mA-40mA (if flash/strobe jumper is attached) Zero once LVCO is activated
        • 6 circuit SourceLT system 2020-present 9mA-12mA Zero once LVCO is activated
Q Should I disconnect the sPOD from the battery if my vehicle is not driven often?
A There are many factors that would have to be taken into consideration. The simplest way to power down or remove any parasitic draw is to remove the 2amp fuse for the Source, SourceLT, SourceSE, Bantam, or BantamX. Click here for more information on batteries and parasitic draw.
Q Does the sPOD have low voltage detection built into them?
A Yes as long as the LVCO is not disabled, below is the data:
    • 6 circuit Source system cut-off is 11.2 and 12.8 cut-in
    • 8 circuit  SE Source system cut-off is 11.2 with a 2 minute delay and 12.8 cut-in
    • 8 circuit  Bantam/BantamX system cut-off is 11.6 with a 2 minute delay and 12.8 cut-in
    • 6 circuit SourceLT system cut-off is 11.6 with a 2 minute delay and 12.8 cut-in
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