Frequently Asked Questions


 �What Jeeps will the sPOD fit?
 1997-2006 TJ & ,LJ and 2007-2017 JK Wranglers. 
 �What Toyotas will the sPOD fit?
 2005-2017 Tacoma's, and FJ Cruisers through 2014
 �Will the Source fit diesel equipped Jeeps?
 �On my 2012 and newer JK, will the Source fit the vacuum pump is relocated under the hood by the ECU?
 �Do I still use the relay, switch and fuse that came with my lights?
 No. The sPOD System includes the relays, switches and fuses. Just attach the system to the positive and negative battery terminals.
 �Do I have to wire all the switches up myself?
 No. Our systems are "Plug & Play". The switches are pre-wired.
 �Will the sPOD fit with a Tuffy Overhead Console?
 No. It is not compatible.
 �Will the sPOD fit with a SmittyBilt Overhead Gear Rack?
 No. It is not compatible.
 �Will the sPOD fit with an aftermarket sport cage installed?
 The sPOD fits with most aftermarket sport cages that allow the sun visors to fold up.
1997 - 2002 Jeeps equipped with a Rock Hard 4x4 sport cage will require an additional bend to the visor arm in lieu of the adapter bracket.
 �Are the switches that you supply SPST (single pole single throw) or DPDT (double pole double throw)?
 We only supply SPST.
 �Can I mix and match the colors for the LED switches? (this applies only to LED lighted switches, not the incandescent lit switches)
 No you can not, the system will be built with only the same colors.
 �Can you still put the windshield down on the Jeep after installing the sPOD?
 Yes. As long as you leave enough slack in the harness during installation for the wires to stretch over the hinge point.
 �What material is the sPOD made of?
 The sPOD is made of Aircraft .063 5052-H32 Aluminum Alloy.
 �Will I have to drill a hole for the wire harness?
 Only on 1997 - 2006 Jeeps. A single 1" diameter hole is required. The 1" rubber grommet is included in the kit. We also offer a 1" hole saw for an additional $15.50.
 �Will the plastic windshield cover get ruined when I remove it for the installation of the sPOD?
 No. It is secured with detachable connections from the factory that are easily re-attached. 
 �What hardware will I need to purchase to install the sPOD?
 None. The system is complete and ready to install.
 �Can I modify e.g.: drill holes add features or add accessories to the "switch bezel" metal part without affecting the fit, form or function?
 That's entirely up to you! Just remember that ANY modifications to the system may void the warranty.
 �How would I connect a winch to the sPOD?
 The circuits are rated for a maximum of 30 amps each. A winch draws well over that amount and should never be connected to the system!
 �Can I power my electric air compressor from sPOD?
 Yes. As long as your compressors maximum amp draw doesn't exceed 30 amps.
 �Can the switch colors be changed?
 Yes. The switch actuators (rocker covers) are interchangeable.
 �How does the optional air gauge on the sPOD connect to the compressor?
 The gauge package includes: air gauge, 10" of 5/32" dia. high pressure airline and a � NPT fitting that attaches to an external tank or air manifold.
 �Is the optional air gauge backlit?
 Do the switches light up with the dash lights?
 No. They only light up when the switch is in the "ON" position. This way, we do not need to attach to any of the OEM electrical components on the vehicle. We do offer an upgraded switch panel and harness (additional charge) that will back light the switch bank with the push of a button.
 sPOD SE System Frequently Asked Questions
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