sPOD™ Warranty and Repair Policy


sPOD offers a non-transferable 5-year limited warranty on electronic parts and components from manufacturers defects for all units purchased after 4/1/23.  sPOD will repair or replace items in question and return them to Buyer at no charge. If the identical product is no longer available, sPOD will replace with a similar product of equal value. sPOD will not be responsible for any indirect or consequential damages in connection with defective merchandise.


Products that have been subjected to abuse, misuse, accident, alteration, modification, improper installation, tampering, or any use other than the product’s designed purpose will void the warranty. The sPOD™ warranty excludes the following: Installation errors, abuse, misuse or crash damage, reverse polarity of battery cables, changing the 2 amp fuse for any other rated fuse, cutting off our connectors, splicing into our wires/harnesses, attaching anything other than our battery cables to our positive and negative terminal studs on our BantamX/SourceLT boards, changing our supplied switches (switch body), removing the actuators without using our specific actuator removal tool. 

This warranty shall be automatically voided if the items sent for warranty replacement are modified in any way or were not used as intended or applicable. Additionally, this warranty excludes normal wear and tear. NOTE: Any or all aftermarket brake controllers, hi-amp solenoids or any hi-amp relay that is attached to the same positive battery post will cause irreversible damage to the sPOD™ system. This will void all warranties. This warranty shall be automatically voided if the items sent for warranty replacement are returned with water/liquid/chemical damage to any electrical component. The buyer MUST provide a copy of the original invoice or have completed the online product registration. Shipping responsibilities and/or charges will be determined once a claim has been opened. sPOD™ systems will be repaired or replaced at manufacturer’s discretion. 

This warranty does not cover miscellaneous expenses, including, but not limited to, outside labor costs incurred for the installation, removal, replacement, and repair or troubleshooting. Please contact sPOD™ to assist with troubleshooting prior to uninstalling your entire system as the solution may not require that the system be removed. All claims must be made in writing by mail or e-mail directly to sPOD:

By Mail: sPOD
             2950 Norman Strasse Road
             San Marcos, CA 92069

By E-mail: sales@4x4s-pod.com