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Power Management Solutions

Power Management Solutions

Engineered to Take Control of Your Accessories

No relays and no fuses: sPOD’s systems have built-in programmable self-healing digital technology that guards the system.

sPOD’s low voltage cutoff (LVCO) automatically disconnects accessories to monitor and protect the battery from over-discharge, ensuring reliable vehicle performance.

sPOD’s system can be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth using the dedicated Bantam app, providing customers with a convenient and intuitive interface along with over-the-air updates.

sPOD™ provides all the necessary components required for installation-ready solutions to ensure you can connect and go.

sPOD’s system gives customers full control over their accessories, allowing them to monitor and adjust settings as required by integrating factory wiring to take control a step further.

sPOD allows you the option to use multiple style controllers. From toggle switches, to switch panels, OEM switches to wireless devices.

Expandable to meet your needs, the sPOD BantamX power distribution module allows the expansion of up to 32 channels.


Vehicle Feature

Jason Denney’s 2020 Ford Raptor

Jason Denney, aka @tacodust has built his fair share of offroad vehicles - from rock crawlers, a long traveled Tacoma outfitted to an Overlander’s dream (before the word “Prelander” existed), big body rigs like his Prospector XL, and many more - and he took all he learned from his previous builds to do one thing: Build the most all-around capable rig he could, and this Raptor was born While showcasing the ups and downs of the build with his audience on social media, Jason turned a low mileage stock one owner truck into possibly our favorite 2nd Gen Raptor on the planet. Jason needed a robust yet simple system to power a plethora of Baja Designs lights, and other accessories. With two sPOD BantamX systems linked together, for a combined 16 switches, he has power for everything. While he can control all 16 switches from his cab with our Touchscreen system, each sPOD has a specific purpose. One system’s main function, like many offroad trucks, is for powering Baja Designs driving lights, including about 60,000 lumens of forward projecting lights, chase lights, and 2 rock lights per wheel well. While the second system is the backbone of what makes this truck a step above your average Raptor prerunner build. With an HD control panel mounted to the BuiltRight Industries molly panels, Jason is controlling everything that makes this truck perfect for his other hobbies outside hitting whoops. Jason still has 2 empty switches for future accessories, but we’ll go through each switch filled switch to show you the unique way he uses his second system Switch 1 - 4 Baja Designs rock lights used as cargo lights mounted in his Smart Cap Switch 2 - 2 Baja Designs S1s mounted to the rear door of the Smart Cap for area lighting Switch 3 - in-bed power to charge e-bikes Switch 4 - Dometic fridge Switch 5 - Dual air compressor to air up his 38” Nittos and the tires on his array of Specialized bikes Switch 6 -  to a removal 12v backbone harness to power chargers and lights in his roof top tent when the truck is in full camper mode Switch 7 - Open Switch 8 - Open There's no doubt that Jason has built his truck to be self sufficient while out on the trails for multiple days. With the help of sPOD to power and manage all of his accessories at his fingertips to make his life easier so he can enjoy the trails on his days out without worrying about his electrical.
Vehicle Feature

Tyler Cates 2020 Ford Ranger XLT

Tyler Cates, known as @tylercatesphotos on Instagram has built himself a purpose ready truck that allows him to take the trails deep into the desert where he shoots photos of the most off-road ready vehicles in Southern California. His 2020 Ford Ranger XLT may have started out as a stock vehicle, but over time has built it up to be very capable of hitting the whoops of Johnson Valley or the trails of Big Bear.  Let’s get into what makes his Ranger one of the more unique builds on the trails today, and how he has incorporated sPOD to power his accessories. Starting with the engine bay, Tyler runs a Mountune Intercooler with Charge Pipes, Turbosmart BOV, Mishimoto Intake, and AWE Performance Exhaust. Moving to the interior of the truck some unique products used in there are custom seats, carbon fiber oem style steering wheel, carbon fiber interior dash pieces, an sPOD HD 8 Switch, Rugged Radios M1, and an Ultimate 9 throttle controller! For lighting, Tyler has outfitted his Ranger with a fill assortment of the latest Rigid Industries lights. On the A-Pillar are the Adapt XP extremes, while on the front bumper is a series of the Rigid 360 6-inch round lights along with the D-series hung under the bumper for total coverage in any situation. Tyler uses 37 x 12.5 x 17 General Grabber ATX tires on 17-inch KMC wheels Grenade Desert beadlocks. This bulletproof combination allows him to tackle any terrain when chasing race vehicles out in the desert. He installed larger fender flairs from ADV Fiberglass to conceal the large General Grabbers from kicking up any rocks or debris, RKSport V1 Ranger Hood, and the Prerunner Style Bumper giving the truck that aggressive look he was looking for.  For suspension, he is running a custom +3 Ranger Mid Travel kit with custom tig welded sleeved tie-rods, King Shocks 2.5" x 8" king coilovers with 2.5" x 8" triple bypass up front and Icon 2.0 smooth body shock and a custom leaf pack from Alcon out back. To power all of his lights and accessories, Tyler Is utilizing the sPOD BantamX/HD Smart Controller 8-channel system for ease of usability. Keeping access to his accessories at his fingertips at all times is essential while on night time photo shoots. Keeping his dash clean, he decided on mounting his HD controller on the door of the sunglass holder on the upper console, giving that sleek and hidden look. “This product has made wiring such a breeze and cuts out a lot of the extra unnecessary wiring or drilling holes for several switches on my dash. I wanted to keep my dash as clean as I could so the sPOD was the perfect product to help achieve that goal.” “Its the perfect truck to jump in and drive down the road to work or even plan a weekend getaway to the desert and know it won't have any issues tackling the terrain.” , Tyler explains of his build. “ Its been a pleasure building this truck with so many great brands such as sPOD and I couldn’t have asked for better partners” sPOD System used in Tyler Cates' Ford Ranger XLT:   BantamX HD - Universal Universal Starting At:$915.00 The BantamX will save hours of wiring & installation time! It is a small, 8-circuit (expandable) control system that provides a clean (one... Bantam X Specs: • Fully programmable, digital controlled system• 8 circuits rated at 30 amps at 12.5 VDC per circuit• 16-position terminal block (easily attach accessories)• 2 controller ports (RJ45) for Ethernet cables• Integrated low voltage cutoff (LVCO) battery protection w/ optional override• One ATM mini-style fuse for LVCO protection & reset• Failsafe self-healing fault protection system (from 1.5 to 30amps)• Current-sensing MOSFETs controlled by a microprocessor (no fuses & relays)• 100amp in-line fuse• Nylon braided battery cables are hi-strand crosslinked copper wire with a silicone jacket• Operates on 12VDC or 24VDC• 8-position input terminal block for controlling outputs• Built-in Bluetooth capabilities for remote control• Protection against: overheating, over-current, shorts, reverse polarity & field collapse• Ignition control and safety lock-out for switches 1 and 2 (optional)• On-demand wireless software updates/upgrades                      
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Five Things You Didn’t Know About the sPOD BantamX

If you're looking to take control of all your 12V accessories on your vehicle, then an sPOD BantamX is a no-brainer. The sPOD BantamX solid-state technology system provides a continuous power flow of up to 100 amps and features up to eight circuits, rated at 30 amps each. That means this system can handle incredible power to control most accessories, whether you are building a full-tilt Prerunner or overland adventure rig destined for the Rocky Mountains. sPOD gives you the power to take control and adventure further with confidence. With all the advanced technology designed into the power management systems, we wanted to tell you five things you didn't know about the sPOD BantamX. Input Control Taking factory integration to the next level, the sPOD BantamX comes standard with factory inputs, which allow you to integrate your power control module system with your vehicle's OEM equipment. It allows you to integrate things like your rock lights being programmed to come on with the door triggers or will enable you to control your sPOD with factory up-fitter switches by running wires from the input terminal to the corresponding circuits. Another great use for input controls is integrating your power control module system with your vehicle's OEM equipment. It will enable you to incorporate things like your fuel pump circuit to turn on when the ignition turns on, making it extremely convenient for a startup sequence. These are just some of the endless use cases for utilizing Input Control. Dip Switches On the sPOD BantamX power control module, there are six small dip switches that have multiple functions to control different features of the system. We know you are probably looking at these switches and are thinking, "What the heck is this?". Don't worry; we got you covered; let's dive into it. Switch 1: This engages your sPOD into Bluetooth pairing mode. All you do is flip it on, and Bluetooth is ready to pair. Switch 2: All sPOD Systems are compatible with both 12V and 24V systems that you would typically see in industrial applications. The (OFF) position signifies it is on 12V and (ON) is 24V. Switches 3 & 4: Lock-out control functions for corresponding switches #1 & #2, when working in tandem with the input triggers, enable the ability to have a lock-out function such as lockers, high beams, and even reverse light. Switches 5 & 6:  This is utilized if you want to connect multiple bantams together to utilize under one controller. There is a possibility of linking up to four Bantam units together for a total of 36 circuits. Bluetooth Each sPOD comes with built-in Bluetooth technology, enabling wireless control via the sPOD App and offering various programming options, including output dimming, strobing, flashing, and more. Switch Linking Switch linking is a great function that is standard on the sPOD BantamX. The switch-linking function can easily be controlled through the app and saved to the switch panel by selecting which circuits you want to turn on with the master circuit, and then when you select that master circuit, the corresponding circuits turn on. A great use case for this is linking an ignition circuit to a fuel pump. That way, when you turn on your ignition, your fuel pump automatically turns on. In addition, you can even have a circuit where you can link all your lights together and have them turn on all at once. HD Panel Smart Functions The HD panel is more than just a typical switch panel where you may typically turn circuits on and off. It is much more than that; it is a smart panel that includes various programmable modes for the BantamX, such as dimming, flash momentary, strobe, switch linking, and a master switch setting.   Now You Know In summary, there is a lot to learn about the sPOD BantamX, and sometimes, it can be used in very advanced applications. The sPOD BantamX offers control over 12V and 24V accessories in vehicles, boasting solid-state technology, up to 100 amps of continuous power flow, and advanced features like input and dip switches, Bluetooth connectivity, switch linking, and HD panel smart functions. With its ability to seamlessly integrate with OEM equipment and provide many different control options, the sPOD BantamX is a must-have for enthusiasts looking to take control of their power management capabilities. If you want to learn more about the sPOD BantamX's technical details, you can check out the instruction manual here.

What is sPOD?

Engineered to take control, sPOD® power management solutions provide a simple and safe way to control your electronic automotive accessories. An sPOD power control management system is an advanced electronic control unit that offers a centralized means of managing and controlling auxiliary 12V electrical components on a multitude of vehicles, including camper vans, race trucks, industrial equipment, and agriculture. It comprises two main components: the switch panel and the power module, with a single ethernet cable connecting the two. sPOD eliminates the need for cumbersome relays, wiring looms, and circuit fuses, making it one of the simplest solid-state power control management systems today.

sPOD is a leading innovator in vehicle power management solutions, dedicated to enhancing the driving experience for enthusiasts, adventurers, and professionals alike. With a commitment to quality, performance, and innovation, sPOD has earned a reputation as a trusted partner for automotive power control management systems backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty.